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Shadowbax is a backup management sdystem written in Perl which I wrote for my own use. It maintains a compressed shadow of a file tree on a different disk. It can update the shadow in real time, and checkpoint it so that the original filetree can be reloaded as it was at specific times. It also can create split directories to write the shadow tree to external media.


Download link coming soon.


Tsplit is a command line utility which splits and joins large files so that they can be saved on backup media. It can deal with removeable volumes and can pipe directly to and from backup utilities such as tar.


Download tsplit in RPM or tarball formats.

Tsplit RPM
Tsplit binaries for x86 redhat systems.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [7.7 KB]
Tsplit tarball
Tsplit sources
Compressed archive in ZIP format [6.0 KB]

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